How it all started

De Brugse Paardentram was founded in 1974 by Firmin Stael. He bought a carriage with a red cross painted on the sail. It was a carriage from 14-18 that was used to transport injured people during war.

With the necessary adjustments, Firmin, with his horse Sonja, was waiting for the tourists in the Burg square.

Unfortunately, Firmin Stael passed away on January 5, 1996.

Firmen Met Tram

Firmin's dream lives on

Nowadays, De Brugse Paardentram is and remains an essential part of the street scene in touristic Bruges!

Today the business is run by Nicole, Firmin's widow, and their son Dirk.

The third generation has also joined the business. Emilie, granddaughter of Nicole and Firmin, is eager to guide you around Bruges.

Our horses

Our horses are typical, Belgian, draft horses. The Belgian draft horse is a big and strong horse that has no problem pulling some weight.

Bella, Wisten, Albert en Willy can't wait to meet you.

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Yvan En Bella


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Paardentram 3


In Bruges

Our horses are checked monthly by a veterinarian and we are in close contact with animal welfare department. 

During the tour we always make a small break so the horse can eat and drink something. Meanwhile you can take pictures.

At temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius there are no tours possible.


Water Geven